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   (CCE) is a network of spe-cialists that offers com-mercial and non-profit or-ganizations around  the world professional assis-tance with reducing post-harvest losses and impro-ving food quality and food safety.



Gill (India),


Trade &

Post-harvest Management




The EXPERTS come from around the globe and  together they have worked on assignments in over 60 countries, on behalf of government agencies, lo-cal and national authori-ties and  commercial insti-tutions. Click here for an overview of all the  diffe-rent projects the experts have been involved in.


Event support


Setting up a cold chain conference, organizing an  educational activity or in search of a speaker mo-derator, or panellist for your industry event? CCE can be of assistance, because all  specialists are highly experienced with trans- ferring knowledge to groups and with giving presentations. Contact us or click here for more details.

Our services


CCE offers a complete range of consultancy ser-vices divided into six main areas, thus covering the flow from Grower to Con-sumer.


All the experts come with years of experience in the cold chain and enjoy an excellent reputation in their fields of expertise. 



Warehouse Management & Concept Development expert:

Theo van Sambeeck





With the enlargement of the European Union, it has been predicted that Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will take over the lead in the European logistics sector from the Netherlands and Belgium. According to studies, lower labor costs, pro-ximity to 75 million new consumers, and affordable real estate prices, make these new member states into excellent new locations for European distribution centers.

The Dutch logistics organization NDL feels that the Netherlands will not lose its position as gateway to Europe overnight. At a recent seminar the NDL concluded that the country is still an attractive location for logistic activities, but that it will have to consider the increasing competition and altered circumstances.

In order to remain in the lead, the Netherlands should become the architect of European logistics, actively involved in the development of pan-European customs and VAT regulations. Furthermore, a customer-oriented approach, investments in innovative logistics concepts and a reliable infrastructure can improve the competitive position.



Gerben Bokma from the Netherlands (picture) is the latest member of the network and has extensive experience in food retail distribution and operational management. He has a background in nautical sciences and started his career in international shipping. He went on to work for the leading Dutch food retailer Laurus, where he held several managerial positions and was involved in CPFR (collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment), reverse logistics, service level improvement, optimization of order picking and distribution process,  etc.. He then joined ACR Chilled Logistics & Services (formerly Hays Logistics) as manager operations and was, among other, responsible for re-engineering of distribution networks and development of 4th party logistics concepts. Currently, he works as an indepent consultant.



Cool Chain Quality Indicators (CCQI) is the name for the recently developed international standard for certification of the reliability, quality and proficiency of companies active in cold logistics. The CCQI are aimed at businesses offering services like, transport, handling and storage of perishable and temperature-sensitive products.

The standard permits the qualitative assessment of technical installations, processes and staff qualifications and makes it possible for a company to compare itself with competitors but also to improve its own performance.

There are two main elements: (1) quality indicators to check the minimum requirements a company must meet and (2) quality indicators that award points for meeting certain criteria. The total number of points must exceed a certain value in order for the company to qualify. Certification is solely handled by the Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH. guides companies in all kinds of certification pro-cesses as Strategic Planning services.


Consultants of (CCE) are currently involved in a project in the Middle East. The Kuwait-based company Mabanee Logistica has sought the services of CCE for the construction of a logistics center close to the port of Kuwait, for storage and handling of three categories chilled and two categories frozen products between +18C and -25C.  The 120,000 m3 operation constructed on 11,000m2 will be equipped with mobile racks in combination with an auto-matic pallet transportation system. The state-of-the-art facility is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2005 with 20,000 pallet positions for storage and order-pick activities. The capacity is expected to double soon. In the picture Mr. Salem Al-Ali, CFO of Mabanee Logistica.  More information on  Design & Engineering.



The preliminary merger talks between the logistic services providers Christian Salvesen and TDG have been terminated. Neither company has given any more details as to why the talks have ended. The talks between the two British companies started about one month ago. Together, they would have made up a turn-over of about 1,6 billion euro.

Christian Salvesen as well as TDG have had serious setbacks in the last few years, mainly as a result of repeated attempts to expand their market share across the Channel. Salvesen had to sell off its German activities, while TDG withdrew from the French market., P.O.Box 370, NL-8000 AJ, the Netherlands
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